"The Fountain of Youth!"
Cindy Ransom,
Naturopathic Doctor- Minnesota, USA

"...elixir to the skin!”
Silvina Clariana
Former cosmetic product training manager for Shiseido Skincare from Japan at Macy's Herald Square,
New York City.

“...therapeutic levels of quality ingredients make this product incredible!”
Dr. Paul C. Mach
Holistic Healthcare Alliance Springfield, Illinois

“...unlike anything I have ever used.”
Gail Kuziel
Patient Care Coordinator
Center For Esthetic Dentistry
New Haven, Connecticut

“...feels like I am a teenager again.”
Terri Chittenden
Marketing Support Specialist
Designs for Health, Connecticut

“...miracle balm on my skin.”
Submitted by a Florencé client of Mick Weber, M.S., Health Consultant. Nashville, Tennessee

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Florenc̩ Face Care Products

FLORENCÉ is a potent, youth-promoting skin cream designed to effect a firmer and fresher facial appearance. Its “all-in-one” blend of therapeutic ingredients is intended to simplify your life by replacing a cabinet full of facial creams.

FLORENCE'S nutrient-dense texture is formulated with rich doses of anti-aging cosmeceuticals and powerful antioxidants designed to deliver optimal nutrition to your skin. It is especially created to: protect the skin from premature aging caused by oxidative stress; restore, repair, and revitalize the skin; maintain and enhance the skin’s immune status; nourish and moisturize the skin.

FLORENCE’S synergistic blend of ingredients, composed from over 30 nutraceuticals, vitamins, botanical extracts, amino acids, enzymes, essential oils, herbs, and phyto-nutrients, is scientifically proven to provide your skin with the following potential benefits:

• Softer, smoother, more radiant skin
• Healthier, more youthful appearance
• Diminished appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
• Visible lifting and firming of the skin
• Decreased pore size
• Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory protection
• Enhanced collagen and elastin formation
• Protection from exposure to environmental toxins,
pollutants, and sun
• Well-nourished and hydrated skin

Made In USA

FLORENCÉ PLUS is a Deluxe, extra moisturizing version of Florencé facial cream. Added ingredients include 5 of nature's most remarkable and therapeutic emollients. They are: Shea Butter; Mango Butter seed oil; Avocado oil; Almond oil; and Grape Seed oil.



Florencé Renaissance Facial Mist is a unique blend of Essential Oils,
Botanicals, Antioxidants, and Hyaluronic Acid in a base of
Icelandic Spring Water. It is designed to:

Hydrate, refresh, and tone the skin while calming and uplifting the mind.
Retain moisture and maintain skin suppleness while providing
protection for the skin.
Ease fine lines and leave the skin with a radiant, moist finish.

Perfect for an “on-the-go”moisture treatment throughout the day.

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Lavender & Vanilla Essential Oils


Calm the mind
Soothe the senses
Relieve stress & anxiety
Relax before sleep

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